Offering Male & Female treatments for thinning hair.

This non surgical treatment can dramatically alter the appearance of your scalp and hair.

This procedure is a solution to bald patches, thinning hair, or a receding hairline.

This procedure can give you a much younger appearance, leaving you feeling more confident within yourself.

What Does 3D Scalp Micropigmentation Mean?
Losing hair is something that millions of men have to go through at different stages of their lives. Fortunately, many methods have been developed to stop or conceal the spread of hair loss. Scalp micropigmentation is a procedure that injects custom ink into the scalp to give the appearance of healthy hair follicles, even where there are none. Although this method has been very effective for many men, it still has some issues. It passes the eye test from afar, but when observed from a closer vantage point, it doesn’t replicate the look of a real shaved head.

3D scalp micropigmentation solves this problem by not only replicating the look of a full head of hair follicles from a distance but also passing the eye test up close. For those interested in scalp micropigmentation, this is by far the most realistic option.

3D scalp micropigmentation is a three or four step process to inject specialist ink into the scalp in a variety of ways. This replicates the “textured” look of a real shaved scalp, where some hair follicles stand out more than others.

The process starts with a light pigment of ink injected across the scalp, followed with darker pigments used in an increasingly sparing manner. The final treatment involves a very dark pigment which is scattered throughout the scalp in an uneven yet calculated way, to best represent the randomness with which hair follicles grow back.

3D scalp micropigmentation is a priceless investment that will give you back your confidence and make you look and feel years younger. However, it’s important to shave your head regularly so that your remaining hair doesn’t grow out and make your hairline seem unnatural. By committing to regular head shaving, you will appear to the world to have a healthy, full head of hair