PRICE: £125

Used to treat "skin imperfections" and achieve healthy glowing skin, for all age groups and skin types. The laser deals with dull skin, uneven skin, enlarged pores, areas of pigmentation, scarring, fine line and wrinkle reduction, crows feet, and plumping up the skin.

Your face will be prepared for the treatment. Carbon paste applied to skin and allowed to penetrate the skin for approximately 10-15 minutes, carbon paste acts as a photo enhancer. "Dead" epithelial cell surfaces absorb carbon. The carbon paste also adheres to the lining of the open pores. The laser moves across your skin, the light of the laser is absorbed by the black particles of the carbon. These particles get blasted off, and take the top layer of the skin with them.

The treatment takes around 60 minutes and there's no after-effect or down time, so it could even be carried out on your lunch break and you can head back to work for the afternoon.

The black doll treatment can be a one-off treatment to brighten your complexion or you may choose to spot for a short course of 4-6 sessions (once a fortnight is recommended) to treat a number of skin conditions: enlarged pores, areas of pigmentation, scaring, plumping the skin.

This procedure is also used for skin imperfections on the body.

A patch test and consultation is compulsory for all laser  treatments carried out Clinic 31.