• Marie Beacham

Betty loves a Bentonite Green Clay Face Mask!

It's also a client favourite here at Aesthetic & Beauty.

The Bentonite Green Clay Face Mask mask is often incorporated in our facial treatments or can be applied whilst you are relaxing during a body treatment such as an inch loss wrap.

Bentonite clay works by absorbing oils and dirt from the skin. The clay absorbs materials by sticking to their molecules or ions. When the clay is removed, it takes the toxin or other molecules with it.

Bentonite clay is also nourishing as it contains natural minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron.

Bentonite clay forms from volcanic ash and gets its name from Fort Benton in Wyoming, USA, where it occurs in large amounts. Only clay from this location is true Bentonite clay.

Benefits Of A Bentonite Clay Mask:

✅ Heals and regenerates skin tissue ✅ Draws out toxins ✅ Treats acne (prevents breakouts & helps clear up acne) ✅ Unclogs and shrinks pores ✅ Prevents blackheads ✅ Reduces appearance of scars ✅ Excellent natural exfoliator ✅ Evens out skin tone ✅ Leaves skin feeling softer ✅ Leaves your face glowing!

Please ask about having a Bentonite clay face mask during another treatment or book a Bentonite clay face treatment for just £45.

Bentonite Clay Face Maksk

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