V-whitening Intimate gel peel

(Intimate whitening)


Ideal non-invasive solution to regain the young and firm looking appearance, which has been lost over the years, of the external genital organs.


Lifting, whitening, rejuvenating the intimate areas allowing each woman & man to feel more in harmony with their bodies, not only by improving the look of the intimate area and their self-confidence, but also by improving intimacy during intercourse.



* A real and specific anti-ageing treatment of the delicate genital area.

* Quick and easy treatment

* It allows to quickly solve the most common beauty flaws of an area often difficult to treat.

* Lights and firms intimate areas.

* Reduce the hair growth.

* A gentle treatment without disturbance of the epidermal layer, burns, skin irritations or discomfort.

* Suitable for all skin types

* For women and men.


V-whitening Intimate gel peel is formulated to help treat darkening and discolouration of the intimate areas of the body of men and women, including the mons pubis, labia major, anus, knees, groin and armpits.


V-whitening Intimate gel peel has been designed to help improve pigmentation, rejuvenate and illuminate the skin in intimate and delicate regions.


Suitable for both men and women of all Fitzpatrick types, this whitening treatment helps improve hyperpigmentation around the vagina or groin area, as well as around the anus.


This topical solution contains safe ingredients formulated to lighten unsightly blemishes and darkening of the most common delicate areas of the body.


It can be used from the pubic area to the anal area in women and from the groin to the anal area in men. In addition to improving pigmentation, it also works to rejuvenate and brighten the skin. It can also be used in the armpits, knees, elbows or any part of the body.


Can be used on the following body areas

* Mons pubis

* Labia majora

* Perianal region

* Inguinal area

* Underarms

* Nipples


Before Treatment 

* Please note: do not tweezer, shave and/or wax the area the same day of the application of the product. You should do this three days prior to your treatment. (This facilitates and ensures that the skin is intact and free from any rash or irritation)

* For optimal results, wax and/or shave the area at least three days before the application of the product.


Single Treatment Price £85


Treatment Frequency 

* 1 session each 7/10 days (depend on the quality and to the age of the skin) for 5/6 sessions

* 1 maintenance session after 1 or 3 months (depend on the quality and to the age of the skin)



The improvement and results of the treated area is usually evident from the first session.

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